God's plan in the unplanned

written by OM International

A team of crewmembers had prepared to visit a men’s prison to share their personal stories of faith with the inmates. But the visit was cancelled at the last minute, so the group simply walked around town and chatted to people they met.

Emmanuel Schwartz (France) spoke to students in a park and met two teenagers with whom they had deeper conversations. When the young men, Marcos and Joaquin, heard that the volunteers were from Logos Hope, they were interested in knowing more about their lives and experience.

One of the local men, who comes from a Christian family but isn’t a believer, was moved by Emmanuel’s story: He explained that he had gone through a phase of struggle and had been living what he called a ‘double life,’ but that God had changed him. Emmanuel said later, “Now I am in mission and to the guys, that is amazing.” One commented that Emmanuel’s coming on board was a miracle.

Marcos and Joaquin asked if they could see Logos Hope and were eager to hear more about the volunteers’ backgrounds and journey. They asked many questions; wanting to know if it is possible to be a Christian without going to church; what being a ‘Christian’ really means; what ‘mission’ is; and other subjects.

“Our testimonies were appropriate; both guys were touched,” Emmanuel recalled, realising that God had placed the right people in their path. “Their reactions to our stories and the fact that they were interested, even though they weren’t Christians, showed me God was at work,” he said.

Before saying goodbye, the teenagers said, “We will remember meeting you for our entire lives.” The team agreed that they felt grateful for the impact they could have on the people they met on this somewhat improvised day of ministry. “God knows what is best and He knows the best way to use us,” Emmanuel concluded. The crewmembers learnt that even in unplanned circumstances, God is sovereign and will work with ready hearts.