Knowing their true value

written by OM International

“God just gave us the right words. Even though we didn’t know about these kids’ backgrounds, Valeria was talking right into their lives. God changed our hearts and prepared us so well for what we were doing,” Roselyn Faensen-Glienke (Germany) shared.

Roselyn and two other Logos Hope crewmembers visited a local school to spend time with pupils and share about hope in Christ. The team’s purpose was to explain the gospel to the children from different ages, in a way that they would understand. They wanted the children to understand that they are precious in God’s eyes.

Valeria Balderas (Mexico) decided to use the ‘Paper Cross’ to share the gospel. This consists in folding and tearing a sheet of paper which eventually takes the shape of a cross, while explaining the hope people can have with God. But Valeria shared the message differently than she usually does, focusing more on home and families.

One girl seemed fascinated by Valeria’s message. “I talked about broken families and the fact that sometimes we feel empty in our homes. I don’t know why but this is what I shared,” Valeria explained. “This girl was almost crying. I could see it in her eyes, when I talked about wanting to feel loved. But then I talked about hope and something in her eyes changed. Talking about God can transform someone.”

The school is connected to a Christian home which takes care of some of these children. Some of them do not have parents, while others were taken away from their parents. Logos Hope’s volunteers knew the children came from rough areas and tough backgrounds, but the team were only told about their family situations after they had finished their programme.

One of the teachers was positively puzzled by the idea of hundreds of people selflessly living together on a ship despite coming from so many different countries. “She did not understand what we do on the ship, and why we do it," said Roselyn with a smile. "We could share that some things are more important to us than being at home with our families, friends, a normal job and a normal income. I could see she really thought about it and it touched her heart.”

Even though the crewmembers came to spend time with children, other were also impacted by their visit. Roselyn explained that there was a lot of room for the Holy Spirit to do what He wanted to do.