Lifejacket parable

written by OM International

Logos Hope crewmembers know that one way or another, it is God that called them into the mission they are in. They also know that one thing that cannot be neglected by followers of Christ is sharing the truth of the gospel with others. Crewmembers remind their fellow family in Christ of this biblical duty when visiting churches.

Dan Potter (USA) shared a message in three points: the first point was about standing up for God - being ready to serve and take risks for Him; the second was leaning to the right, towards neighbours and non-Christians - showing how one can be a good influence towards others; and the third was leaning to the left, to those ‘left’ out - the least reached.

But what impacted the church the most, Vale Rios (Colombia) said, was the ‘Lifejacket drama’, a drama where the stage represents the safe place, and the audience represents the ocean. The drama shows that people in the ocean are drowning, and a Christian on the stage pulls out people from the audience. The first person pulled out preaches sermons to the drowning audience. Another prays for the audience. The next one is a journalist who writes about what is happening. The main point is that the safe place is the stage, and the people saved all did good things but did not want to leave the stage.

“By then, everybody died, because the people in the safe place didn’t go off the stage to help those drowning. We know that so many people are being saved, but so many are also not going to the least reached," shared Vale. The pastor said, "I can see it more visually, so now it makes sense. We need to challenge people to go out." The pastor was so impacted by the drama's message that he spoke on the topic for an additional 20 minutes.

“[I saw God at work] through people’s reactions. They thanked us because God talked to them through what we shared. I thought, ‘You don’t realise the impact of your words on others’ lives’. That is how you see God moving among the team and other people,” concluded Vale. The team felt that God had perfectly created the circumstances for this connection, and prayed for lasting impact for the church’s involvement with spreading the Good News.