Living out Christ's command at Christmas

written by OM International

On Christmas Eve, some of Logos Hope’s crewmembers left their floating home and went to the streets to connect with people in the capital city. Volunteers spoke to people working in shops and walking along the street. The crewmembers distributed Christian literature and Christmas gifts: colouring books, Bibles and the children’s book, ‘The Most Important Story Ever Told.’

One man whom Erin McAvoy (Northern Ireland) spoke to said he is a Rastafarian. He explained that he knows about God, the Trinity and that he grew up in a Christian household. “He’s a farmer and he was selling his vegetables and produce. He said that he knows he only plants the seeds and it's God who grows it,” says Erin.

“The man told me that his mother would take him to church when he was young but, over time, he fell away. Every week, his friends walk past him and ask, ‘Are you coming to church today?’” Erin gave him a leaflet and a challenge to go to church and talk to his friends who do.

Ulyana Makarova (Russia) says, “We reach out to celebrate with people and explain the real meaning of Christmas. It was a privilege to be there. To me, being involved in this is a present from God.” She met a man who doesn’t believe Jesus is God and the only way to salvation. Still, after a long conversation, he asked Ulyana for a new Bible as his is very worn out. When she gave him one, he said, “I will read it again!”

As Ulyana walked back to the ship, the man walked with her, eager to chat as much as possible. “I believe that Jesus is working in his heart. I could see his hunger; he’s seeking the truth!” she says, with a smile.

On Christmas Day, Logos Hope’s director, Pil-Hun Park (South Korea) spoke about the meaning of Christmas at a service for the onboard community. Retelling the coming of Jesus Christ, who was to die for the salvation of all people, Pil-Hun reminded the crew that Jesus didn’t return to heaven leaving the instruction that His followers celebrate His birthday every year, but commanding them to reach the world with the Good News of the gospel.