New volunteers join in Jamaica

written by Julie Knox

Logos Hope’s community has welcomed new joiners from around the world to live on board the ship for the next two years.

Seventy-nine volunteers from 38 different countries have embarked the vessel after a month of preparation; first at a conference in Germany, then receiving ship-specific safety training and getting to know each other at a camp in Jamaica.

In traditional Logos Hope style, the new arrivals ran through a tunnel of flags as their shipmates welcomed them with music and cheering. They were greeted at the top of the gangway by the vessel’s master, Captain James Berry (United Kingdom) and director, Pil-Hun Park (South Korea).

Single people, couples and families are among those joining the world’s largest floating bookfair. Some are straight out of school; some have come to use their professional background on board. They include a nurse, a chef, marine engineers and a journalist.

Before they immerse themselves in helping run the book ship and joining community projects in each port, each new crewmember must pass ‘fire and water’ training, to be prepared for potential hazards on an ocean-going vessel.

Logos Hope’s safety officer and specialist trainers put the new joiners through emergency drills, simulating abandoning ship and tackling a blaze. They’ve proved they can use fire extinguishers, jump into deep water from height, make buoyancy aids and handle life rafts.

They’ve also participated in team-building exercises and begun friendships that will last a lifetime as they experience the unique adventure of volunteering together while travelling the world.