Passed on wisdom

written by OM International

A team of Logos Hope volunteers visited a school called Colegio Hispano Americano (Hispanic American School) which was created one year ago, and has the goal to not only teach teenagers, but also show them how to behave and have a good attitude, to better equip them in life.

The director found out through social media that Logos Hope would be in Puerto Quetzal, and contacted the team lining up the visit. She wanted crewmembers to come and share with her students, to set a good example and encourage them. The director also wanted them to share about their different cultures.

The team members, from Germany, Canada, Brazil, France and Guatemala introduced their countries, their cultures and some fun facts. They also shared about the ship, which the students showed a lot of interest in, according to Greg Pelletey (France).

Greg started a conversation about self-esteem with the teenage boys later on. Through sharing his own story and struggles as a teenager, he was able to connect with them. Greg talked about general relationships and relationships with girls, giving advice on topics that most teenage boys go through. “I tried to encourage them to avoid certain traps that can destroy one’s self-esteem,” he explained.

Nathan Prokopchuk (Canada) explained that at the same age, he was trying to learn a lot on different topics so that he could build his self-esteem on the many talents he could display. Both Nathan and Greg explained that at this point in their lives, they were trying to find value in themselves, but came to realise their true worth is found in understanding God’s love for them. Greg shared, “I wanted to invite them to make the right choice. I am convinced that they might be going through what Nathan and I went through at the same age. I advised them to talk to someone they can trust.”

“Learning that we are volunteers made them react. It made them realise that they can have big dreams and see the world. The director was very grateful; she kept thanking us.” At the end of their visit, she told the Logos Hope team that she was going to bring her students to the ship, and again expressed her thankfulness for the message shared separately to the teenage boys and girls.