Prayer will give you peace

written by OM International

When several teams got to visit patients in a hospital, they were given the opportunity by ‘Damas de blanco’ (Ladies in white), a Christian organisation of women who reach out to patients in hospitals nationwide to connect with them and pray for them.

The first team to visit the hospital introduced themselves to the people in each room. A man who spoke English talked with one crewmember, Nomkhosi Mbatha (South Africa) and was curious to know more about her country. She explained that people in South Africa are very diverse. She introduced the man to a fellow crewmember from her country, to prove her point.

Nomkhosi connected with a man who had been in the hospital for a year. Later, when his wife arrived, Nomkhosi prayed for both of them. The wife explained they have been married for 35 years. “I can imagine it must be pretty tough for them, so it was good that we could come and offer more hope and strength for them to keep going,” Nomkhosi said. “I cannot imagine how hard it must be to be married to someone and to be so scared that you might lose them,” she added.

The team had to wait before they visited the next room and used that time to pray. They shared with one another that after doing so, they felt more at peace once they entered the room. Nomkhosi said, “Just as we were about to leave, one of the old men started to cry and my heart broke. They probably don’t get many visitors.” The crewmembers prayed for the man, who said afterwards that he felt a lot of peace.

When Nomkhosi reflected on their interaction with the patients, she said, “We showed them someone cares for them, and I hope they felt God’s presence. We need to let God use us.”

Claudia Castro Placencio, the leader of 'Damas de blanco' in Valparaiso, expressed her gratitude: “It was a wonderful experience, I was moved by the volunteers’ passion. I am blessed for having met them and I bless them with all the love Jesus has put in me.”

The crewmembers ended their time of connection in front of the hospital where they gave out flyers with the ship’s information and had more chats to people about how their faith has brought them to serve on board Logos Hope.