Ready, set, go!

written by Ken Miller

Logos Hope is back in action after all the work was completed on schedule, with the safety checks and inspections passed, and the passenger ship safety certificate renewed for another year of service.

“We have completed the 2022 dry dock project. We are grateful to each one who has supported, prayed and encouraged us along the way. Most of all, we acknowledge with thanks all those on board who worked so hard to finish the work we started out to do,” says Project Supervisor Matt Blair (Australia). “It takes much planning to manage more than 140 people to complete over 500 jobs – working alongside the shipyard and other sub-contractors, sequenced so that we do not get in each other’s way. We are glad that we have such great quality leaders taking responsibility for their assigned areas. No question, we were blessed with everyone working together as a team with high morale.”

The last two days of annual maintenance were spent transitioning back into operational mode, testing the ship’s systems, re-filling tanks, removing the protective coverings on the floors and cleaning carpets, and putting tools and equipment back in place. Over the weekend, the shore-based teams returned to the ship, excited about their experiences of serving with churches and other organisations around the Canary Islands over the previous weeks. After refuelling on Sunday evening, the ship departed on a three-day voyage to the next port of call: Seville, Spain, where the first week will be a well-earned rest for all on board!