Teamwork for greater impact

written by OM International

Diego Melendez and Luiz together run a project called 'Coalición Costarricense del Deporte' (meaning ‘Costa Rican Coalition of Sports’) for people of very different ages. Luiz has spent the past 17 years teaching children and older people different values through sports. Logos Hope crewmembers joined their team to participate in the activities and care shared through the project.

The team first visited a school where they taught nine and 12-year-olds how to play volleyball. The ship volunteers wanted to teach different values based on the topic of team work. They explained that being selfish does not help growing, but that sharing with people and loving them, without expecting anything in return, and for a greater purpose, has the opposite effect.

Caio Konichi (Brazil) shared, “You could see on their faces that they were really paying attention, and it isn’t that usual with nine-year-olds.” Luiz invited the children to ensure that they would never take advantage of others, but that they would work together instead.

Caio observed something similar with the 12-year-olds who, though they were not paying attention at first, seemed captivated by the message and values shared in the end. “I could see the expression in their eyes change because of what we were saying. They were paying attention, it was so special. They let go of their phones and jokes. What we shared was meaningful and relevant to them,” he explained.

The residents of the elderly people’s home the team visited later showed a lot of enthusiasm. Even though they could not exercise together, the volunteers planned some recreational activities which also taught them about team work. “We talked about how people, when they become older, can still do good and have an impact on society,” Caio said cheerfully.

Diego explained, “We wanted them to know that they are valuable, and that we are on this Earth with a purpose. The director was very happy and thanked us for coming, explaining that the elderly residents were very happy.”

“We can reach people through these recreational activities and through sports. It is then a lot easier to teach principles and values because they help in connecting with them. And we wanted to show that through these activities, we can share hope.”

Diego expressed his thankfulness for being able to serve alongside Logos Hope’s crewmembers. The team proved the validity of their message through their own team work for one shared purpose.