Vice President's endorsement!

written by OM International

The vice president of Argentina, Marta Gabriela Michetti, was Logos Hope’s guest of honour for the vessel's official opening ceremony in the capital city. Vice President Michetti is the second woman to have held the office in her country.

In a speech before she cut the ceremonial ribbon to declare the bookfair open, the dignitary welcomed the ship and her crewmembers to her country and thanked them for their friendship. “It is an honour to have you here; we highly value the ship’s mission,” Vice President Michetti said. “The world desperately needs these objectives of sharing joy, hope and help. It is important that you are coming to our country with this message.”

Talking about Argentina’s current situation, the vice president said that the hope that is central to the volunteers’ vision is essential for the country at such a time. “Those of us who believe there is a God know that there is hope and there is always someone helping us,” she told a packed room of invited guests. Ms Michetti expressed her gratitude towards Logos Hope and the volunteers on board for spreading this hope in Buenos Aires and wished them her best.

Gifts were exchanged at the event. One was a framed letter from the nation's senate. The prestigious document mentions the “high nature of educational, transcultural and humanitarian help” the ship’s stay in the country will bring.

The note accompanying the gift was written by a prominent senator, Miriam Ruth Boyadjian, who later visited the vessel for a private tour. She declared: “For our whole community, Logos Hope’s visit is of great importance." She explained that it had been an honour for her as a senator to begin the process of approving the ship's tour of the country last year, and she was delighted to see that work realised with the head of the senate now opening the vessel.

Logos Hope presented the guests with literature of their choice. “There is no better gift than books,” Vice President Michetti said, upon receiving them.

After cutting the ribbon and declaring the world's largest floating bookfair open, the vice president browsed the vast range of titles available and chatted with volunteer crewmembers and civic guests. Taking time to speak personally and pose for photographs with the international crew, the interaction further cemented Logos Hope's esteemed welcome to Argentina.