Who will go where no one goes?

written by OM International

Impacto de Vida is a church passionate about showing God’s light in the community; with outreaches twice a week. Logos Hope's volunteers broadened the church's perspective when they visited the congregation; encouraging them to aim beyond their community and consider world mission. 

The crewmembers told the church about Operation Mobilisation and of their passion for reaching those who are considered least reached with the gospel. One member of crew, Yelena,* explained that the 10/40 window is a sector on the world map, between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator, into which many unreached people groups fall. The window captures parts of Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. “I have it in my heart to go to the Middle East. I didn’t know much about mission either but here on the ship, God opened my eyes. Because of this, I want to encourage other people to pray, give or go,” says Yelena.

In these areas, people have little or no access to the message of the gospel, information about Jesus, Christian believers around them or copies of the Bible. “I emphasised that these people don’t have our hope and may die without knowing God,” Yelena explains. “There aren’t many people who go to these countries to tell them about Christ.”

The church's pastor, William Mureaja, was touched by the message passed on to the congregation. He explains: “Our congregation is mainly composed of people who are young in their faith. Hearing the volunteers’ stories challenged them. Some felt challenged to serve on the ship and even in other nations.”

“We could see that the church was interested in being part of mission through prayer,” Yelena comments. When the volunteers asked who wanted to play a part in praying for, giving or going to mission, most members raised their hands. As those who raised their hands came forward, the crewmembers prayed for them and gave them information on ways they can be involved.

Pastor Mureaja says, “I felt joyful, seeing my 12-year-old daughter plan to visit the ship, and my 9-year-old son, who was touched that so many people don’t know God in other countries. Thank you for coming, and thanks to all Logos Hope's crewmembers for showing love, humility and for being disposed to serving God.”

*Name changed