The next ship project

The vessel that became Logos Hope was purchased in the Faroe Islands. OM’s Ship Ministry has a special place in the hearts of Jesus followers there.

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Creative clowning

Nassau, The Bahamas :: Crewmembers in clown outfits teach children about forgiveness and restoring relationships.

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By God’s design

Nassau, The Bahamas :: A Filipino volunteer joins a team of Chinese-speaking crewmembers to visit local Chinese-owned shops and is surprised to connect with four Filipinos at a supermarket.

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What do we do now?

Nassau, The Bahamas :: Logos Hope crewmembers devise a creative solution when the needs of the audience are different from what they had prepared for.

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A visit to invest

Nassau, The Bahamas :: Guest of Honour Travis Lamar Robinson thanks the Logos Hope community for coming to invest in the Bahamas, believing that the country has been bettered through visits from the volunteer crew.

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The family business

Nassau, Bahamas :: The Esposito family from Argentina enjoys serving God together on board Logos Hope, bringing professional skills and supporting each other.

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Recharging batteries

Nassau, The Bahamas :: After a busy year welcoming thousands of visitors up her gangways, Logos Hope closes her doors to the public to give crewmembers a much-needed week of rest.

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Learning through serving

Montego Bay, Jamaica :: Crewmembers learn a few new things about loving and serving others while working alongside local people at Mission of Mercy's community feeding programme.

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From wish to reality

Montego Bay, Jamaica :: YWAM and Logos Hope volunteers join together to start a community library and literacy programme on YWAM's campus in Montego Bay.

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Bringing the truth to light

Montego Bay, Jamaica :: Logos Hope crewmembers provide training on Christian response to HIV and AIDs for staff members at the care home Hope Hospice.

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Living lives dedicated to God

Montego Bay, Jamaica :: Crewmembers share the gospel and encourage young people to live for God during a tent meeting of area Baptist churches.

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“It is worth it to wear yourself out for Christ.”

Missions is about sacrifice for God's kingdom.

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A taste of cultural diversity

Kingston, Jamaica :: Jamaican families participate in the event ‘Cultural Café’ to taste different foods, experience cultural performances, and learn more about other nations.

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Created to stand out

Montego Bay, Jamaica :: American gospel singer and songwriter Babbie Mason leads worship and shares a Bible-centred message during a ladies’ event on board.

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A wealth of knowledge

Montego Bay, Jamaica :: Custos Claudette Bryan tells crewmembers the ship’s books bring a wealth of knowledge that cannot be measured by time and space.

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Stepping into another's reality

Kingston, Jamaica :: Jamaicans participate in a ‘persecuted church’ simulation: a hands-on experience of what believers around the world face when they are persecuted for their faith.

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Just show up

Kingston, Jamaica :: Thirteen crewmembers connect with people through school visits, a building project and eyesight testing during a one-week outreach in a remote community on the outskirts of Kingston.

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Actions speak louder

Kingston, Jamaica :: Hearing-impaired students experience the personal care of Logos Hope crewmembers during an onboard event designed with their needs in mind.

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Unforgiveness is like poison

Kingston, Jamaica :: Ladies from Logos Hope visit Wortley Home for Girls to talk about human trafficking and abuse, and to bless the teens with a day of girl-time.

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A gift from God

Kingston, Jamaica :: Volunteers bless elderly residents with new reading glasses while visiting care homes on the island.

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