Crew View: God’s hand on His child from Haiti

OM Ships :: Logos Hope’s new journalist, Cristina Amato (Germany) writes about God’s protection and provision in the life of a fellow crewmember from Haiti.

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Full tanks from full hearts

Kingston, Jamaica :: Logos Hope receives a generous donation of fuel for her next voyage - from partners in the Faroe Islands.

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Casting the net wider online

Kingston, Jamaica :: A crewmember on Logos Hope uses his IT expertise to help a church in the Balkans reach more people during lockdown.

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OM Global Day of Prayer

Kingston, Jamaica :: Logos Hope hosts OM's global day of prayer through livestreams from on board and on shore.

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Inside Out

Kingston, Jamaica :: Crew embrace the challenge and reward of a unique training course in the bowels of Logos Hope.

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Bible overboard!

Kingston, Jamaica :: A crewmember finds an innovative way to connect with a passing boat while Logos Hope’s community is in isolation.

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Time to try new things

Kingston, Jamaica :: Logos Hope's crewmembers swap jobs to learn new skills and get to know fellow crew better.

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When mission isn't what you expected

Kingston, Jamaica :: A new crewmember on Logos Hope adapts to different sort of ministry while the ship is closed to the public.

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A unique Easter on board

Kingston, Jamaica :: Logos Hope's crew marks Easter in isolation, to minimise risk of Coronavirus infection.

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New director for Logos Hope

Kingston, Jamaica :: Handover of leadership on board Logos Hope.

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OM Ships' response to COVID-19 pandemic

Logos Hope is closed to the public as a precaution against COVID-19.

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Seeing the love of God in Kingston

Kingston, Jamaica :: Around 100 children receive free reading glasses from a Logos Hope outreach to a disadvantaged neighbourhood.

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Hope in the face of turmoil

Kingston, Jamaica :: Crew join an outreach to children suffering the fallout of gang war.

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Visitor 9 million!

Kingston, Jamaica :: Logos Hope's nine-millionth visitor is celebrated in the ship's onboard bookfair.

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Kingston's leaders praise the educational 'book ship'

Kingston, Jamaica :: Logos Hope is commended for her educational resources by civic leaders welcoming the ship to the capital.

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New volunteers join in Jamaica

Montego Bay, Jamaica :: Logos Hope's newest crewmembers arrive on the vessel they will call home for the coming two years.

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Making baguettes, sharing love

Bridgetown, Barbados :: Bakers and cooks from Logos Hope share their skills and faith with young women.

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Building relationships through basketball

Bridgetown, Barbados :: Crewmembers join a local church in a basketball tournament for youth and share lessons of life and faith.

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The Greatest Treasure

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago :: Crewmembers host an event to show children what the greatest treasure is.

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Uplifting each other through sport

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago :: Crewmembers play football against people from local churches.

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