You are special

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic :: Crewmembers encourage deaf youth to find their identity in their Creator during an onboard event for deaf schools.

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Satisfaction through serving

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic :: Members of the country’s navy attend a Crew Meets Crew event on board to connect with volunteers in Logos Hope's Marine Operations department.

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Who am I?

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic :: Teens explore the topic of identity during an onboard event for youth.

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A wise investment

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic :: Crewmembers clean a community library and provide human trafficking awareness training.

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Praises in the storm

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic :: Volunteers hold a prayer and worship meeting during the voyage out to sea to escape the path of Hurricane Irma.

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Safe at sea

At Sea :: Logos Hope leaves port to get out of the path of Hurricane Irma.

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Like-minded objectives

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic :: Minister of Education Andrés Navarro tells volunteers that Logos Hope's objectives mirror those of the country's school curriculum.

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Expect the unexpected

Port-au-Prince, Haiti :: Logos Hope's crewmembers receive a shock when they arrive at a school, ready to fix its roof.

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A stitch in time

Port-au-Prince, Haiti :: Crewmembers provide hands-on tailoring training and donate five sewing machines to workers from children's home Beraca Haiti.

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Trained and certified

Port-au-Prince, Haiti :: Forty-five Haitians participate in a three-day leadership course on board Logos Hope.

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Special delivery

Port-au-Prince, Haiti :: Crewmembers pray for newborn babies and give out gospel literature and hygiene supplies during a visit to a women’s hospital.

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Everyone needs love

Port-au-Prince, Haiti :: Children from four orphanages around Port-au-Prince are welcomed on board for a special event planned just for them.

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TeenStreet and Missions: Ciqui’s Story

Seated behind the Italian translator station, you’ll find the smiling face of Alessandro (or Ciqui, as he prefers to be called). Attending his ninth TeenStreet (TS) conference, he looked back to the early days of his life in missions.

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Training shepherds

Port-au-Prince, Haiti :: More than 300 church workers from the capital and its surroundings get together for a conference on board Logos Hope.

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Thirty years on

Port-au-Prince, Haiti :: The book ship returns to Haiti to carry on the work crewmembers began 30 years ago.

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In equal need of forgiveness

Freeport, The Bahamas :: Volunteers use a drama and illustrations to teach children at a police summer camp about God's desire for a personal relationship.

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Sixty-minute world tour

Freeport, The Bahamas :: Bahamians enjoy learning about different countries through cultural performances during an onboard event.

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A glimpse of heaven

Freeport, The Bahamas :: Logos Hope makes her inaugural visit to Freeport, following up on sister ship Logos II's time in the port in 2008.

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The next ship project

The vessel that became Logos Hope was purchased in the Faroe Islands. OM’s Ship Ministry has a special place in the hearts of Jesus followers there.

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Creative clowning

Nassau, The Bahamas :: Crewmembers in clown outfits teach children about forgiveness and restoring relationships.

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