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OM’s Next Ship!

Doulos Hope – Servant of Hope

Together with OM leaders and partners around the world, we have been praying and considering how we can increase the effectiveness of ship-based ministry and in response, we have taken this step of faith to expand OM’s fleet with another, smaller vessel. Building on the legacy of past ministry, and complementing the name of our current ship, this newest vessel is to be called Doulos Hope, servant of hope!

Doulos Hope





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    Education as a key to success

    Valletta, Malta :: Crewmembers had the privilege to facilitate English classes for a group of refugees.

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    Returning to our home port

    Logos Hope has arrived in Malta, which marks the 12th visit to the island nation with the organisation’s four ships over the last 51 years, and the second of Logos Hope, returning to her port of registry.

    At the official opening, Captain James Berry (UK) explained, “Valletta is the ship’s home port, it is registered here in Malta and has Valletta painted on the back. We are so excited and so happy to be here in Malta, which is such a special country with a unique location and such a vast and unique history.”

    Then he revealed that it’s not only a special return, but also a special day, saying, “Today happens to be the anniversary day of when the ship was first registered in Malta 11 years ago, on the 13th of July!”

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    The ships

    Since 1970, we have operated four different ships...

    • Doulos Hope

      Doulos Hope was purchased in May of 2022.

    • Logos Hope

      Logos Hope was officially launched in February 2009.

    • Doulos

      Doulos was purchased in 1977 and sailed for OM Ships until early 2010.

    • Logos II

      Logos II was purchased in 1988 and completed her service in July 2008.

    • The first Logos

      OM's pioneering first ship, Logos, was purchased in 1970 and sailed for 17 years.

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