Esther, * from a remote village in South Asia with very few Jesus followers, became a believer herself in 2016. The first time she heard about Jesus was from an old woman in her village who told her, “There is no peace in your family because you don’t know Jesus.” These words touched Esther’s heart because there was indeed a lot of tension in her family and she constantly felt no peace in her heart. One OM team also came and stayed in her village and shared the story of Noah with her. Hearing of the power of God in the story opened her heart even more, and she decided to believe in Jesus Christ. She then shared her new-found faith with her husband, who, though was open to listening, didn’t want to believe in Jesus. It was only after being healed from an unclean spirit that he gave his heart to Jesus.

As the OM team discipled this young couple, they encouraged them to join OM’s agricultural internship program as disciple makers. “They told us that it was a good opportunity to learn more about God and grow in faith, so we can come back and make a difference in our community,” said Esther. Though they both grew in faith, there was still some disbelief and confusion inside their hearts about who God really is and what is the truth. This caused them to give OM a chance and leave their remote village high in the Himalayan mountains and come to the capital city, beginning of 2018. The journey to the capital city proved to be a rocky one as Esther’s husband’s family was strongly against them going, which resulted in her deciding to go alone with her two-year-old son. Realising it was too difficult to go alone, she begged her father to convince her husband’s family to send him, which they ended up agreeing to. 

Being out of her remote village for the first time, Esther felt overwhelmed with joy to be in a new place where she would learn about God and farming. “It was a happy time at first for me but also stressful because I didn’t have a lot of clothes for my baby and me. It was also very difficult to care for him and still attend sessions and work in the farm,” recalled Esther.

Her team leader quickly found a good school for her son to attend, which eased a lot of her daily stresses. “We also had a lot of financial problems because we borrowed money to come here. Over time, we were able to pay off all our loans and had enough clothes to wear,” Esther exclaimed.

Learning how to ‘farm God’s way’ was also exciting for Esther as she expressed that this method was a lot easier, strategic and produced more and better crops. “I did a lot of farming in my village but not like this. We would just take the seeds and throw them on the fields. ‘Farming God’s way’ showed you how to strategically place each seed in a row, maximising all the space you have. I love farming now because it feels like I’m doing less work but getting much fruit,” explained Esther. 

An abundance of physical fruits isn’t the only thing that excites Esther to see. She is also seeing an abundance of spiritual fruit growing in her life. “Before joining OM I kept a lot of problems and past hurts in my heart, not knowing how to let it go. I learnt how to give these things to God and receive his love and peace,” Esther noted.

Now she can finally say that she knows who God truly is and what is the truth. Her faith in God has grown so much that now she has a deep passion and love to take her faith to her family and community. “Growing up a Hindu country and family, we strongly believe in the caste system, and my family came from a high caste. I looked down on a lot of people who were lower caste because I believed they were not equal to us. Now I know that God made all of us equal and there is no caste in his eyes. I want to show my village this love that doesn’t practice inequality,” said Esther. 

Pray for Esther and her husband to have daily strength as they learn to serve God as a family. Pray for more Hindus to come to Christ so that their eyes will be open to see that all men are made equal in the eyes of God.

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