TeenStreet 2017: 27 July – 2 August in Offenburg, Germany!

(For Day Guests: please sign up online before coming to the site! 
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See you there!


Hitchhiking 2 TS

When Fred from the Programme Team decided to come to TeenStreet 2017, the journey to get there looked a little different than most. He decided to hitchhike from Denmark to Offenburg, Germany!

  • Set-up week 2017

    TeenStreet (TS) may not officially start until Thursday, but the site is already bustling with people helping set up for the upcoming week. Even before the teens arrive, the staff and service team are busy. Their TS has already begun. It’s the first step towards welcoming over 2,000 teens onto the grounds for an experience they’re not likely to forget.

  • RAG: Finding new hope

  • Share God's Love in Offenburg!

    This year, Outreach is organizing an ART-DAY (July 31) in the city of Offenburg with many different art-related opportunities to share the LOVE. 

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TeenStreet 2017 Promo

What Is TeenStreet?


    TeenStreet is an international Christian conference for teenagers. Our aim is to work with the local church to encourage and prepare young believers to have a real relationship with Jesus and live it in every aspect of everyday life.


    The first TeenStreet was held in 1993 with 56 people. Today, TeenStreet hosts about 3,500 participants from across Europe. From the beginning, TeenStreet has combined praise and biblical studies into groups, interaction and support for every single teenager. No one is lost in the crowd.


    TeenStreet is organized by OM, a mission organization that works in 110 countries. OM is a non-profit organization that depends on the support of churches, friends and other organizations. Find out here how to support TeenStreet through prayer and gifts.

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