RAG – Raise And Give, is the fundraising event at TeenStreet. 

At TeenStreet, we love sharing the blessing and giving to people in need because God has given us so much. RAG is our way of sharing this blessing! Before and during every TeenStreet, we raise funds to support a good cause, usually within OM, that will positively impact youth in Europe.

Join us in raising funds for refugees!

At TeenStreet 2019, we will be raising funds through RAG for projects working with refugee teenagers and children in Greece, Italy, and Serbia.

Currently the teams in those countries can only offer basic help like tea/coffee, simple games, activities, and laundry, but they want to do more. We need your help!

The money raised will help provide:

  • Backpacks, stationery, books, etc. and tutors to help with language learning.
  • New sports and art equipment and contributions towards places to use them.
  • Safe places where they can meet local teens and get to know Jesus, too.

We also want to hear from you! Is there an activity close to your home that you could organise to help refugee teens living near you?  Come along to the workshop at TeenStreet, get some help to put a plan together and then present your ideas. At the end of the week, we will see which ideas we can invest in.

Whether you plan to run in the RAG race, perform in the talent show, or raise money in other ways, GO FOR IT—you will be making a difference!

Now that you know, how can YOU help? Try out your best tips and fundraise to bring Hope for Refugees!

RAG race

One day at TeenStreet is dedicated to RAG. That is when our annual RAG race takes place. Come join us at TeenStreet 2019 and RUN! (and raise funds for refugees in Europe)