— 2017 LOCATION —

TeenStreet 2017 will take place in Offenburg/Germany.

Address is: TeenStreet 2017 / Messe Offenburg / Schutterwälder Str. 3 / 77656 Offenburg


Registration for TeenStreet 2017 is now closed. You're welcome to join us a Day Guest (more info to come).

Welcome to join us during 2018 - you can register here on the website once the registration is open!


Teens, group leaders and volunteers sleep in mass accommodation (halls or large tents) so remember to bring a sleeping bag and mat or air mattress.



  • Sleeping bag and mat (or single air mattress or camp bed)
  • Clothes for warmer and colder days (sports and/or swimwear if required)
  • Bible, pen and notepad
  • Raincoat
  • Passport
  • Vaccination card, Health Insurance Card
  • Water bottle for drinks (you will receive a TeenStreet cup when you arrive but a bottle is helpful too)
  • Torch 
  • Any medication and items you would take with you when you travel 




The accommodation, three meals a day and all programmes/activities at TeenStreet are included in the price.

You will need to pay for any activities off site (e.g shopping, swimming, cinema, etc.). A few workshops and outreach activities require a small additional charge (for the materials used).

There are plenty of places on site where you can buy snacks, drinks and souvenirs throughout the week (e.g. cocktail lounge, bookshop, fun food, fruit stand, kiosk, coffee bar, etc.).

There are always opportunities to give money to the TeenStreet fund raising project - RAG - during the week.


Yes, during the congress week, there will be lactose- and gluten-free meals. 


Families are welcome at TeenStreet. We offer a children’s program for a variety of age groups. The purpose of the children’s program is to allow the kids to have a great experience during their week at TeenStreet, while it also makes it possible for the parents to have a set amount of hours to participate/work at TeenStreet

•    ToddlerStreet is for children 0-3 years of age
•    KidsStreet for children 4-9 years of age
•    InBetween for children 10-12 years of age

Outside of these programs parents have the sole responsibility to look after their children. 

There are certain jobs at TeenStreet that require the attention of both parents and where it has been necessary for them to have additional help with their children. This must be organised by the families themselves. Babysitters must register as Service Team and pay the required fees for TeenStreet. There is room for babysitters in the Service Team tent or they may organise their own accommodation. Babysitters are able to stay in the children’s programme as they watch the children, and they are very welcome to actively participate as helpers.

Arrival/departure for families

The arrival to TeenStreet should be no later than Thursday July 27. It is recommended that families arrive on July 26, though. We have seen that families who are able to orientate themselves to the campus one day prior to the beginning of the TeenStreet programme thrive. This must be cleared by the Home Office first. However, the children’s programme will not start until Friday July 28, so parents must be advised that they will need to plan their own activities for their families until then.

Departure from TeenStreet will take place on August 2. The parent who is working/participating in TeenStreet will need to speak to their TS leader about their departure. In some cases it can be arranged for families to leave on the next day; however, this must be arranged with the Home Office first. The children’s programme ends on the morning of August 1, so once again the parents must be aware that they are responsible for their children until their departure from TeenStreet.