TeenStreet is: thousands of teens from different nations experiencing God and getting to know Him better, an in-depth program, praise and worship, fellowship, games, fun and action. But what about all the work happening behind the scenes to make TeenStreet possible? For this, many Service Team members are needed every year. Here you will find a summary with descriptions of the departments at TeenStreet in which you can serve God and the teens! We look forward to meeting you!

Set up-week for Service Team starts Monday 22 July, at 14:00 (2pm)

— ArtZone —

Are you creative and want to help others to be creative themselves? In the ArtZone you will have the opportunity to do so. Your team willbe the contact for the zone, provide assistance, and take care of the preparations and tidying up.


— BookShop —

Do you like Christian books, music and gifts and want to help others find what's right for them? Then the Bookshop is the place for you. You'll be responsible for setting up and organising the bookshop, and for taking care of sales.


— CleanStreet —

Have you always wanted to walk across the TeenStreet site in red overalls? Then CleanStreet is your team. You will keep the washrooms and bathrooms clean, collect the garbage, and spread a lot of fun and joy.



— CocktailBar —

Blue Emerald, Green Sapphire or Red Ruby? On this team you will mix and sell various non-alcoholic cocktails, and keep the cocktail bar clean.



— CoffeeBar —

Do you like people and the smell of coffee? The Coffee Bar is a relaxing place where the teenagers and the staff can enjoy a variety of tea and coffee specialties. Your team will be responsible for preparing and selling the coffee, and creating an inviting atmosphere.



— Day Guests —

Did you know there are day guests at TeenStreet? In addition to administrative tasks, you and your team will be the contact persons for people who visit TeenStreet for a few hours. A good knowledge of human nature is helpful here.



— Dining Hall —

Have you ever wondered how 3,500 participants are fed during TeenStreet? The Dining Hall team not only makes sure that the dining hall is clean, but also serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with a friendly smile.


— Dish Washing —

Who rinses the dishes for 3,500 TeenStreet participants? Our two rinsing lines do most of the work, but they need to be operated by your team. You will take the dirty dishes and make sure they're clean for the next meal.



— FountainTeam —

Are you a trained pastor, therapist or youth worker who wants to help teenagers with their problems? Then please contact your home office to find out about working with the Fountain Team.



— Fruit Stand —

Is there anything better than fresh watermelon on a hot day? Your team will prepare the fresh fruit and smoothies, make the fruit stand look appealing, and take care of sales and cleaning.


— FunFood —

Hamburger, fries or pulled pork? Fun Food offers teenagers the opportunity to eat every evening after the Throne Room. Your team will prepare the food, sell it and keep the area tidy and clean. 



— Global Experience (formerly Global Village) —

Do you want to help teenagers experience mission close-up? The interactive Global Experience simulation challenges teenagers to broaden their horizons in a protected environment. Your team consists of actors, debriefers, technicians and more. If you are flexible and willing to learn, this is the place for you.


— Headset Team —

Did you know that TeenStreet is translated into over 10 languages? To make sure all the teenagers get the program in their own language, you and your team will provide them with headphones for translation before the main events.



— Info Desk —

Do you love to help people with practical questions while keeping a cool head? Then the Info Desk is the right place for you. Your team will be the point of contact for everyone at TeenStreet and you will find the right answer to every question.



— Kids Programm —

Did you know that there are over 200 kids at TeenStreet? Some staff members bring their children with them, and that's why we offer three different children's programs:

ToddlerStreet: up to 3 years old
KidsStreet: 4-6 years and 7-9 years
InBetweens: 10-12 years old

On each one of these teams you and your team will take care of these children and offer them a varied program.


— Kiosk —

Do you love candy and snacks? On the kiosk team you will sell drinks and sweets to the teenagers and the service team. You and your team will also make sure that the various kiosk stations are adequately stocked.



— Kitchen —

Have you ever wondered how to cook for 3,500 participants? In the kitchen team you will help our experienced chefs to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day and on time. You will get a unique look behind the scenes at TeenStreet.



— Main Hall Security —

Do you want to help ensure that the main events at TeenStreet are safe for everyone? At Mainhall Security, you and your team will be alert to potentially dangerous situations or medical emergencies. Your focus is on security, not the program. The minimum age for this team is 20.


— Medical Team —

Are you a doctor, paramedic or nurse who would like to use your professional skills at TeenStreet? If so, please check with your home office for opportunities to join the Medical Team.



— Outreach Team —

Does your heart beat for sharing your friendship with Jesus through outreach in the city? On the Outreach Team, you will encourage teenagers to share their faith and give them practical help to get in touch with people.



— Prayer Team —

Is prayer your passion? On the prayer team you will not only pray for the event itself, but also for the participants personally.



— RAG (Raise And Give) —

Do you want to help disadvantaged people? The RAG team organizes the fundraising run and the talent show, through which the fundraising project is supported. Your tasks will include building the racetrack, motivating the teenagers and the service team to participate, and creating donation opportunities throughout the site.


— Site Security —

Do you want to help keep the entire TeenStreet site safe? To ensure security on the TeenStreet site, the Site Security team works 24 hours a day in multiple shifts. If you are resilient and willing to work at night, then this is the team for you. With a humble attitude, you can show teenagers that you want only the best for them. The minimum age for this team is 20.


— Sports Team —

Do you love sports and want to inspire others? The Sports Team gives you the opportunity to teach teenagers Christian values in sports. Among other things, you will be responsible for supervising the various sports activities and providing the appropriate materials.


— Staff Café —

Do you want to do something good for the TeenStreet staff? The Staff Café is a place where adults can meet and talk over a cup of coffee or tea. You and your team will take care of the drinks and create a relaxed atmosphere.



— Technical Support —

Are you technically gifted and would like to support TeenStreet with your skills? The Technical Support Team welcomes carpenters, installers, electricians, mechanics, forklift operators, etc. You and your team will ensure that TeenStreet set up, take down, and everything else in between happens smoothly.


— Translation —

Do you speak fluent English plus another language (except German)? The Translation Team translates the main events into different languages. If you already have experience with translating, you've come to the right place. (Since German is already translated from the stage, no translators are needed for German.)


— TS Office —

Do you like administrative tasks? At the TeenStreet Office you and your team will be the point of contact for the different service team areas, and help them with office work and shopping.



— TS Shop —

Do you enjoy selling TeenStreet items and love being with people? At the TS Shop, you can encourage participants and staff to take a piece of TeenStreet home with them. In addition to sales, you will be responsible for advice, printing T-shirts, and setting up and organising designing the shop to look good.