Rolling out for the first time at TeenStreet (TS) this year is a unique pilot programme called the Angel Project. Inspired by Hebrews 1:14 – “Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?”(TNIV)  – the Angel Project is the vision of TS Outreach Coordinator, Clarion Samuels. 
The premise of the project is to encourage teens to make a difference through small acts of love to the people around them.  These don’t have to be elaborate acts of grandeur, just small caring gestures that build up to create a positive witness to those around them, gestures that are motivated purely from their love of Christ.
“They don’t always know how, but God is capable of making a difference through teens in their immediate community groups,” indicated Hanna,  Angel Project leader. “They just have to let God work through them.”
Teens are encouraged to begin the Angel Project here at TS in a safe community, before going on to adapt it in their home life, in their schools, classes and amongst their peers groups.
All around the site, there are notes hidden in plain sight, making suggestions on what these caring gestures could look like:
“Listen to a stranger over a cup of coffee!”
“Who could I write an uplifting note to?”
“Ready to reflect God’s Love today like never before?”
“I hope that teens will be encouraged and challenged to do things that they’ve never done before, in order to make a difference and show His love,” said Hanna. “Through this, families can be changed. These small steps of ministry can change our surroundings if we want it to.”
However, the organisers of the Angel Project are adamant that these are only seeds of encouragement and that there is no limit to what these gestures could look like. In fact, teens are encouraged to share their own ideas at the Angel Project stand in the Interact Zone.
“If we want to experience God in a way we never have before, then we need to be willing to do things we’ve never done before!”, said Hanna.
Are you ready to be an angel? 
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