By Helen Winzell

Monday afternoon the market square of Offenburg turned into an art fair as the TeenStreet (TS) Outreach Team arranged ArtDay to show God’s love. It was hard to miss that there was something special going on in the city as live music filled the air and children, some them with their faces painted, some carrying balloon models, made a colourful scene. Passers-by could experience different kinds of art expressions and be creative themselves.

There were some artists painting messages on big canvases. One of them, Alexis (20, USA), illustrated God’s love using her creative gifts: “I’m here to show stories that God gives me…The painting I’m painting is just something I felt while I was at TeenStreet. Before I even painted this, I had this image in my head. The painting is reflecting how, although we are broken, we are safe in Christ.”

Behind her, a group of teens were dancing, hoping that their joy and the words of song they were dancing to would reach the people. “We are doing it for Jesus,” Aude-Line (13, France) exclaimed.

On the other end of the market place, Isabel (13, Germany) was helping kids to draw their own pictures while talking to them. “This whole outreach is for God, and you just give the kids the message that God loves them,” she said.

The art outreach gave teens and other TS participants the opportunity to step out in a practical way. Talitha (14, Germany), for example, signed up for the face painting stand because she had “learned so much about being a Christian at TeenStreet” and found that she “got a chance to try it out” at ArtDay.

The idea of ArtDay developed out of a desire to spread love. Since “Offenburg is really open to TeenStreet doing outreaches here, we thought it would be nice if we could just have one day where we could do something special for Offenburg and reach people,” Doreen (20, Germany) explained. Alex (23, Germany) continued, “It’s not the typical thing when you walk up to people saying, ‘Hey, do you know Jesus?’ They are more open to come and have a look at the paintings and then you can converse with them.”