Day 2 Main Hall Session Recap: Victory

This morning, during the second OPEN session in the Main Hall, teens were challenged to think about what it means to live in victory.
Josh began by introducing the seven letters Jesus wrote through John in Revelation 1 and 2, each beginning with an amazing picture of Jesus, before ending with the same phrase, “Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” 
Within these letters in Revelation, we also see a glimpse of the promises that God gives us, promises that are nothing like our own. We’ve all made promises we can’t keep, even if our desires are genuine. But the promises of our Father? These are eternal promises that get better and better.

However, Debs reminded us that living in victory, doesn’t always feel victorious.  Talking about the difficulties her family faced after her father passed away, guest speaker Jilly shared her testimony of how God spoke to her through Isaiah 55, reminding her that God’s ways aren’t always our ways and they’re never quite how we expect them.
“We live in a world that is broken, where difficult things happen. But God wants to bring victory into your life,” promised Debs.
Jilly said she knows that, one day, she will see her father again, standing in victory with his Saviour.
Josh explained that, in their preparation for today’s session, they were given the picture of a sailboat at sea. Likening our lives to a sailboat, programme team member Lisa explained that it’s not until we put up our sail that we can be filled with the wind (Holy Spirit) and be moved towards the promises God lays out for us.

Putting up our “sail” can sometimes seem scary, recognised Lisa, but allowing God to move us means we can receive the promises God gives us, and we can begin living in victory.
As the teens left, they were each given an envelope that could be used to make an origami boat. Inside the envelope was a promise from their Father that could be used as the sail, reflecting the promise that God has to offer their life.