Day 5 Main Hall session recap: One

A chandelier hanging over a decorated dinner table, a violin player, waiters with white shirts and bow ties—the programme team designed the stage in the main hall to show how it is to have a nice dinner with God and His whole family. That’s what “One” refers to: We are one family in Christ, spending time together.
Josh and Debs expanded the focus toot only one single person any more, but all of us as one—not only a selfie anymore, but a onesie, a photo of you as a part of God’s family. After all, we’re entitled to being one of God’s children, according to 1 John 3:1-2.
“At the head of the table, there is our Father,” said Josh.
God is not only interested in a one-to-one relationship with you; He is interested in all of us as one church. In the presence of God, there is another culture. We treat each other in a different way than we do in the world.
“When you’re close to your Father, He transforms all areas of your life, so you resemble Him more and more,” Josh explained.
The wonderful atmosphere of our Father’s table changes every part of our life:
“It can touch the atmosphere in your family at home. You can take it into your school. It can touch relationships and even cities,” said Josh.
Josh and Debs then focused on how boys and girls treat each other. The culture we’re living in is telling us a lot about that, but that’s very often not what God has in mind. So the programme team expressed a couple of things about men and women living together:  
    ⁃    Acknowledge differences between the sexes and embrace them.
    ⁃    Ask God how He sees others and treat them in that way and help them to be like God sees them.
    ⁃    There are a lot of lies about how boys or girls “just are.” Don’t believe those lies.
    ⁃    Girls are precious and not to be taken advantage of.
    ⁃    Boys have emotions, too.
    ⁃    Honor, value and respect each other.
    ⁃    God says that you’re beautiful. In Him, you find all you need. God is proud of you, so you don’t need to look for value in others.
    ⁃    When you’re around people, you represent your Dad in heaven. When you’re around your Father, you can be kind, gentle and emotional. You can see things the way your Father does.
In the end, everybody got a napkin on his or her way out. It was taken from “God’s table” and should call in mind two things:
    ⁃    To whom around you could you show the atmosphere at your Father’s table?
    ⁃    Be part of the one family. As a sign, you can post a “onesie” of you and God’s family on