Emma, Ester & Belinda: A day in the lives

On the final day of TS 2016, we found Emma, Ester and Belinda – all at TS for the first time – crowding around a table in the Cocktail and Coffee Bar. They were enjoying an evening snack of soda and fries after the last Throne Room.
Name, Age, Country: Emma (15), Ester (14), Belinda (15), Denmark 
What time did your day start? 7:30 am
Highlight: We went on the outreach with flowers. People were so happy when we gave them flowers. It was great! - Belinda
Lowlight: The evening meal. It’s just dry every day. We understand, though, because it’s difficult to make food for so many people. - Ester
Who did you spend the most time with? Each other! And two guys from The Netherlands. We met them at McDonalds when we were taking a break in the city after giving out flowers. We ate with them and went to the Throne Room with them. - Emma
What did you learn about God? He will never leave us because He loves us! – Emma
He loves us really hard. – Ester
He’ll always be there for us, no matter what. - Belinda