Global Village: Simulation leads to sharing 

By Corinna Sharrenberg  

As always, Global Village is a TeenStreet (TS) secret.  

Other than the white info and sign in kiosk located in the Interaction Zone, teenagers had to wait their turn to find out what else Global Village held in store for them. Even though that information is reserved for those who went through the simulation, the lessons learned from the experience are meant to be shared. 

Corinna Scharrenberg, communications facilitator for Global Village, compiled testimonies from groups who participated this year. 

One group met a homeless person. They talked with him and eventually prayed together. In their prayers, they blessed the person by asking God to give him something that he can receive. Two minutes after, two people approached them and handed the homeless man a plate of waffles with ice-cream. The group was very pleased to see their prayer answered so soon! 

A German group met a man and were surprised to find out that he never heard of “God” before. They said they had never talked to a person like this before and really wondered about how to share the Gospel with someone who doesn’t even have the concept of God. They shared that some areas of their own country have a lot of those people. Through Global Village, they had their first practice in reaching out to them. 

One group said that Global Village gave them the courage to go out and share Jesus. 

After another group talked to the actors, they were thinking about how they should do that in real life—be a testimony to their friends and share the Gospel in real life amongst people who don’t know Jesus. This was a good reminder for the teens that they should be doing this more often. 

In general, we can say that God is using this experience in a tremendous way to speak to teenagers (and adults) and to encourage them to go out and share His love.