A participant at TeenStreet 2013 tells how God demonstrated to her during the week that He will never leave her or forsake her:
It was my first Teenstreet this year. Before I went to Teenstreet I was very insecure in my faith, and I was always a bit insecure about whether God really exists. I had my ups and downs through the years, and whenever I felt like I needed Him, I felt like He wasn't there for me.
So I went with my youth group to Teenstreet, and I heard that God loves everyone and that He sees and cares about every little problem in my life. After that we started to worship, and I heard God talking to me through the lyrics.
I listened to Him, and He told me that He's there for me and that He loves me so much. The rest of the evening I spent outside thinking about what happened, and I noticed that in the past when I thought He wasn't by my side, He was by my side. And it made me feel safe and strong, and my self-confidence grew.
I don’t know why, but before Teenstreet I was scared to show that I believe in Him. But since that happened, I live my faith and I love it. So a massive thank you to Teenstreet—you helped me to find myself.