On Wednesday, the Service Team were out in full force, props at the ready, for their annual parade. This gives the teens a chance to thank everyone those who make TeenStreet (TS) possible, from the people cooking or cleaning to those responsible for the translation or site security. Hundreds of volunteers working in 32 different departments spend a week setting up the TS site and a then week serving everyone else once they arrive.

Every member of the service team pays to come to TS. Some people work shifts all through the night. Others spend the entire time at TS cleaning up after everyone else. It doesn't seem like the most fun way to spend time off work. But hundreds of Service Team members return year after year, so there must be something making it worthwhile. The question to the Service Team: Why are you here?

Many members of the Service Team attended TS as teenagers and loved the experience so much that they returned to serve so that another generation of teenagers are able to enjoy similar blessings to those they enjoyed.

Julia from Germany, who is in the security team, explained how she had loved worshipping with people from many countries when she participated as a teen to the extent that she was motivated to return so the teens could have the same blessings.

Tobias, serving on the CleanStreet (cleaning) team, explained that, when he had been at TS three times when he was younger, he had such a good time with God that he wanted to serve, making TS possible, meaning teenagers could enjoy what he had enjoyed.

However, not everybody on the Service Team participated as a teen, but they still come and serve.

Outi, from Finland, never attended TS as a teen, but she is motivated purely by the fact that she wants to serve the teens, because she thinks it is great the teens can enjoy this experience.

Douglas, from the USA, is at his second TS, serving on the Fountain (counselling) team. Having never been to TS as a teen, he explained that he comes to TS because he loves serving young people. Also, God does not only speak to the teens, as Douglas explained how, over the week, God made him a better listener and more attentive.

The teens this week have been learning about how believers in Jesus are united, like one body, made up of different parts. The Service Team, made up of people of all ages, nationalities and walks of life, with unique gifts and talents, is a perfect illustration of this.