How to do sports with God

David and Fròði (8 and 12, Faroe Islands) enter the football cage. The opponents: giants—twice their size, twice their ages, two wins in row. There is a crowd around the cage; they cheer at every ball contact. Fròði tackles his opponent and wins the ball; he passes to David, and David shoots. One of the giants deflects the ball, but still, it moves towards the goal. The giants are too late. The crowd bursts into applause. The underdog has won the game.
During Interact, there is a lot of sports action going on behind the big hall—a good kick in the cage, slam dunks on the basketball courts, dives into the giant sandpit for beach volleyball. Sophie and Hannah (16 and 17, Germany) spend a lot of time with sports:
“We are here almost all the time during the evenings and play volleyball,” said Sophie.  “It’s good to be active.“
Not so during Interact 1.0. The athletes sit on the court, talking in seminars about sports and their beliefs.
“The seminars are linked to the message in the main hall. That’s very good, so I took part for the second time today,” explained David (16, Germany). “We talked about how athletes try to reign over the game and their opponents. Also, why it’s so hard to do the right thing during the game.”
Jonathan, 16 as well and from Greece, learned how to do sports with God:
“I try to play just as Jesus would play,” he said. “It’s probably impossible, but I can give my best and try all the time.”
The good thing is that the sports situation here at TeenStreet comes very close to the situation at home. It doesn’t matter where the sports field is. Things can be transferred very easily.
The seminar is over, here come the balls again and there is action till late in the evening. Beach volleyball is probably the most popular sports, but Yohann, 16 from France, prefers to play basketball.
“I think there is a time for worship and a time for Bible study, but there also is a time for sports,” he said. “You can bring God on the court, reflect your relationship to God during play. That’s why we are so fair to each other.“