INFINITY (and beyond) : Day 6

Hannah Rueber

It’s the last day of TeenStreet (TS), and Rachel, Rich and Ron finished their teaching with a challenge for everyone. Day SIX focused on infinity, on our God who is there forever. As Rachel reminded everyone, “We’ve drawn closer to God this week, but it does not end here.”

This incredible time at TS is a small part of a much bigger story. Ron used the example of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “All of these [individual] movies—from Iron Man 1 to the new Spiderman—are part of a bigger story that make up the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

Each of us is part of God’s kingdom. “We’ve been talking to a God who is there forever,” Ron said. “We’re worshipping the same God who split the sea, who hung on the cross. God’s kingdom is forever. We have a King of all ages.”

“This week, we’ve lived out ‘Yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory,’” Rich said. “It can’t stop here. As Christ followers, we are lights of the world. We need to go out and be lights of Christ.”

Rich asked everyone to turn on the flashlight of their cellphones, a visual of our roles as kingdom representatives. “After a couple of weeks, lights will dim. You need to recharge to keep your light shining. [Digging into] the Word is where we get the strength to keep shining,” he explained.

Participants were reminded that it’s not going to be easy. But if you don’t give up, you’re moving forward. Our dependence must be on the Father. We need to focus on drawing CLOSER to the Father, running towards Jesus.

“God and His light will shine for all time,” Rich said. “We get to participate and share in His glory.”

Likewise, Ron shared that the truths of TS “go on next week… in two weeks from now when we’re preparing to start school… and long after that. When you leave from here, the same God [whom you encountered here] goes with you.”

“We are part of the greatest story ever told.” Amen, Rich. Amen.

Taking truth home

Each session touches teens in different ways. Some, like Pearl (15, Ireland), find meaning in the music and worship. “I really love the songs. I’ve found that I connect to God best through music.”

Others benefit from the teaching.

Vanessa (18, Ireland) shared that Rich’s desire to start a NET (small) group back at home got her thinking about doing the same. “People tend to forget things that they heard or learned at TS. Having a small group at home would help keep it close.”

“Studying the Bible in small groups has been so meaningful for me,” Rukky (15, Ireland) shared. “That’s definitely something I want to do more of back home.”

Johanna Maria and Mona (16, Faroe Islands) found application in the cell phone lights. “It was a really good reminder to be a light for others. We can take that with us back to the Faeroe Islands.”

“God is not just at TS,” Asa (16, Faroe Islands) shared. “He’s at home, too.”