It was a great experience!

In 2012 and 2013, TeenStreet (TS) sponsor project, RAG (Raise and Give), supported a camp area in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The gifts from TS helped the team there to build a new building with kitchen, dorm rooms and shower rooms.
Before TS 2014, a group of 10 teenagers from the Faroe Islands went on a TiM (Teens in Mission) outreach to Bosnia Herzegovina, where they visited, amongst other places, Camp Emek Beraka.
Dania is 16 years old and is one of the teenagers who visited Bosnia Herzegovina. After the big RAG race at TS 2014, she told us about her experiences in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Dania, how did the idea come up?
My mum [OM Faroe Islands Field Leader] and others made up this missions trip. We thought, it’s interesting. Last summer my mum went to Moldova and said it was really good. So I wanted to try something too.
Was going to Bosnia and Herzegovina worth it?
It was really worth it. It was so good, we just felt so blessed. Even though we didn’t see people saved, we felt we helped and were blessed.
What did you do in Bosnia and Herzegovina?
We were there for nine days and every day was different. First it was getting to know the country and the people. That was very interesting. Then we started with practical work and we did some kids activity, where we were interrupted by Muslims. We saw how hard it is to be a Christian in Bosnia-Herzegovina, you have to be wise in how you share your faith.  Just a few kids came, but it was really good for those who did. We visited families, one Christian family and one Muslim family. But the Muslims were not closed or conservative, they were more open Muslims. We could pray for them and stuff. The Christian family, the one boy of that family is here at TS. We saw how they were living. We also were visiting Mostar, were we, together with the young people, could be a witness to them.  Not all of them were Christians, but some were. They have this house, where young people come in from every religion and the leaders are Christians and they try to connect. One of the girls, who was an atheist said that she saw something different in us. She told her leader that. That was kind of special for us to hear. The practical work we were doing was rebuilding a playground. The week before someone had been there and ruined it. It was a big step for the people there, because they could have been like never mind, just let it be. But in the end they could see, that it was even better than it was before with all the colours and flowers and everything, it gave them more hope.  It wasn’t just practical work, it also helped them to see things happen.
When did you visit the camp, which RAG supported over the last two years?
Yeah, the last day we visited the camp. We weren’t there all the time, but we visited it. It’s a really, really nice house – pretty. And they have really much to offer, like volleyball and table tennis and football and archery. The teenagers there seemed really pleased with the place. It was cool to see everything not just the pictures – in real life.
Have you been running the RAG race the last two years?
After you supported by running – how was it for you to actually see it?
It was a great experience. We walked around the house like: Hey, maybe I paid for this table. It was fun, it was really great to see that we helped with something good. And it gave me a little more of a push when I ran the RAG race yesterday. Like things are really happening, it’s not just going to something, it’s really for something good.
Was there a great experience with God when you were there, which you think, this was just amazing?
Really a lot. One thing is that the church that we were in is also the OM office, there are only 6-10 people there. A really small group of people.  And they prayed all the time, they were really open and praying and they were so positive and happy. That showed us how much they need God and how hard it is for them, because we are from the Faroe Islands and everybody is a Christian and our churches are – we think maybe they are small – but they are really big. It made us really thankful. And all of us were really touched by them and many of us feel like have a heart for mission now afterwards.
So you have a heart for mission now?
Yeah, I had it since I was a little girl. I always thought of being a missionary.  And it was really good to experience a little bit of it.
Which advise would you give other teenagers to join TiM?
I’d say they have to go. It’s a must. You get so much yourself in return, you don’t just give. You get so much to yourself. You come there and you feel you have to give so much and you have to be something else – but you really get so much in return. And it was so good for us. Then we were really ready for TS, we didn’t come unprepared, we came prepared. We were like built up when we came.
So you would say: Just go!?
Yeah, I would.