Nineteen-year-old Joël, from the Netherlands, participated in TeenStreet Europe 2014 as a member of the Service Team. Here he shares how God changed his life that week from one of addiction and insecurity to joy and comfort in Christ.
Last year was a tough year. I didn’t go to a church and found comfort in drugs, partying and the casino. I totally lost my focus on God and believed every lie Satan put in my head.
I got very insecure and started taking drugs. I got addicted and couldn’t break free. I signed up for TeenStreet because I have been coming for the last seven years, but I couldn’t even pray anymore. I was lost.
I wanted to cancel TeenStreet, though, because I would rather take drugs and party, but something kept telling me I really had to go TeenStreet. Though my mind told me to take more drugs, I did go to TeenStreet, and I am very happy I did. Here is what happened.
I went to a Throne Room where I went for prayer. I asked God for forgiveness, and for calm in my heart and soul. And I received it. The next day, when I went to Throne Room, I prayed by myself, which I had failed to do for the past 12 months. I also prayed for others around me until I fell to my knees, and the others started praying for me.
I've been told that about 50 people stood around me praying for me. I asked God to take away my old armour, with bloodstains and holes in it, filled with broken arrows and broken blades. I felt calm warmth stroking into my skin, and I felt joy. God gave me new golden armour without a single scratch on it.
I read the Bible story from Joel. The story told me that when people are taken over by Satan and lose focus on God, God has to destroy them to build a new man. And that is what happened to me. God destroyed me to build me up again, as a stronger man.
I am now free from my addictions, and I can finally pray again and find comfort in the Lord.