Two days and counting until TeenStreet 2014 is open for business. The sun is shining, the atmosphere is swelling and the Service Team is growing day by day. What God has in store for teens in Münster, Germany, this summer is soon to be unveiled.
Unsurprisingly, an event of this size takes a week of solid preparation. Already, there are over 300 members of the Service Team here at the (almost) new venue Halle Münsterland, ready serve the teens and God with their varied gifts and passions. 
Sound engineers, electricians and other skilled workers are meticulously laying the groundwork behind the scenes. Home Office Reps and admin teams are methodically preparing the imminent arrival of thousands of teenagers, all whilst the programme team diligently prepare their hearts and minds for God’s ministry in the main meetings.
This year’s TeenStreet, entitled “Open,” is set to be the biggest ever, with 2596 teens from 23 countries registered for this year’s event.
“It’s really exciting,” said René Zänsler, TeenStreet’s Logistics Coordinator. “Being at a different site from usual allows us to think out of the box and get really creative with how we put things together. We can look at things in a new light, making this year’s TeenStreet better than ever.”
Slowly but surely, the once-empty site is beginning to look more like TeenStreet—the kitchen is built, the Main Hall is taking shape and the enigmatic screen covering this year’s Global Village will soon be revealed. 
With that, we’re almost ready to welcome you.  Are you excited yet?