Outreach opportunities abound in Offenburg

Outreach: “Let your words and your actions communicate that we are followers of Jesus Christ.”
Outreach is one way Christians can share their faith in Jesus. Clarion Samuels, leader of the TeenStreet outreach Team explains that this year's outreach is inspired by Bible verses such as 1 John 4:19 (NIV): “We love because he first loved us.” Outreach is therefore a way of expressing God's love, which we have experienced, and helping others to connect with God and understand that He loves them.
Outreach is not just for the teens, though, as Clarion emphasises the importance of all Christians sharing their faith: “We are all followers of Christ, and we have that same spirit, and that spirit of Christ is the spirit that equips us, compels us and motivates us to go out and share the love of God.” Some Service Team members have already put this into practice, having a prayer walk and spontaneous worship in the city after Service Team devotions.
Clarion continues, sharing that outreach is a response to God's grace towards us. Since God has shown us kindness which we do not deserve, we care about people who do not know Jesus. Even though we are sometimes afraid and do not know what to do or say, we know that we are saved by God's grace--something everybody needs.
Outreach is also a way of being servant-hearted. Christ came to serve us, so following His example we can use our talents to serve people in Offenburg. This is why, at the city's request, members of the Art Zone have agreed to paint murals in a local kindergarten.
If you are coming to TeenStreet, you can look forward to an abundance of opportunities to live out your faith and serve others. For the first time, there will be a bus with coffee and cake going to a park near a refugee home. There is also a chance to serve others in a volleyball tournament near the lake in Offenburg. And if the idea of doing outreach sounds scary, seminars and workshops during the week can help you learn to share your faith.