Melina Wall

We wanted to get to know each of the three key speakers at TeenStreet (TS) this year and what it's like to be on the programme team. Last but not least, let us introduce to you Ron. The fiery speaker with the cool tattoos has a heart for teenagers and missions. 

Name: Ronald (better known as Ron or Ro)

Where are you from? Holland

What are some interesting facts about you?

I am married to the most amazing woman ever; I used to be a boy scout; and I have a motor bike.

How long have you been married?

We have been married since last December, so for seven months. We’re basically newlyweds.

Besides Jesus or your wife, who is an inspiration to you?

I really admire Francis Chan, a pastor from the US, as a speaker and theologian. And I think my dad as well. Even though he passed away, he did give me a good example. And there are so many youth leaders or mentors who came after him, who helped me.

How did you get connected with TS?

I’ve been to TS as a teenager and loved it, and then I connected with TS again after I’ve was with OM in South Africa for half a year. When I came back again to Holland, I was so full of God and I wanted to be involved with missions, so that's when I started working with OM again as a youth worker. And through the years, I brought my teens who I was working with to TS, and that’s how I was involved again as a coach.

What’s your favourite part/highlight about TS?

My favourite thing is that it is an international event. It’s just not one country, but there are so many countries: We’re here with 17 nations from all over Europe and I think that’s what makes this event so amazing and colourful.

What does CLOSER mean to you?

It just amazes me that we serve a Creator, an almighty God, a Being Wo has been there forever and will be there forever. It’s a mystery that this amazing massive God comes so close to us in the person of Jesus that we can almost touch Him. Living life with what He taught and His Spirit living through us is something I am amazed by every single day.

What is one thing that you want the Teens to take away from this event?

There is an almighty God who has power over everything and wants to reconcile and come closer to you as a person. He wants to walk along with you, and He wants you to walk with Him where He is going. This personal aspect is so important. When teenagers can grasp this, then it can influence their entire life—their job and studies and how they relate to other people.

What’s next after TS?

It’s good to mention that I finished my bachelor’s degree a few weeks ago, and I am really happy about that. And now my wife and I are in the process of being sent out with OM again.