RAG – Next stop: Back to Kosovo

Come make a difference in TeenStreet's RAG project (RAISE AND GIVE)

This year, we are continuing to support the Vocations for the Future Project in Kosovo.

The project is totally full to capacity and the team don’t have the space to run trainings for all the students that they’ve got, let alone any more in the future! All the trainings take place in the same room so timetabling is a nightmare! Their goal, however, is to expand the classes to a higher level or add another subject but that is impossible at the moment.

They would like to rent a larger building (or buildings in different parts of the city to be able to be more accessible to more teens who live too far away from the project to be able to benefit) with space for the trainings and therapy sessions.

This is where we at TeenStreet can help! Have people sponsor you as you run the RAG race (Sunday during TeenStreet), or raise money in other ways to make it happen. 

It costs about 250 Euros to sponsor one teen for a year. We want to raise 100 000 Euros to fund the project for at least the next 3 years as it expands and develops.

Start raising funds now – and see you at TeenStreet!

Find your sponsorsheet for RAG here: https://ts-de-rag.timm.is. Contact your home office for more info.