RAG: 64 000 Euros for refugees

Did you know we raised 64 000 Euro for refugees last year at TeenStreet?! Amazing!!!

RAG is the fundraising event at TeenStreet – Raise And Give. Before and during every TeenStreet, we raise funds to support a good cause that will positively impact youth in Europe and beyond. Last year we raised funds for refugees in Greece, Italy and Serbia. This will continue 2019 too!

RAG 2019: Bringing hope for refugees

At TeenStreet 2019 we will raise funds for projects working with refugee teenagers and children in Greece, Italy, and Serbia. The money raised will help provide:

  • Backpacks, stationery, books, etc. and tutors to help with language‑learning
  • New sports and art equipment and contributions towards places to use them
  • Safe places where they can meet local teens and get to know Jesus, too

Money is raised through our RAG race and other activities during the week.

Starting and supporting TeenStreets around the world

Besides helping refugees, we want to see teens in other parts of the world to having a similar experience as we have at TeenStreet Europe. We dream of starting, or growing, TeenStreet in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, the Caribbean, the Balkan area and Nepal. Therefore, we want to use 20% of what we raise at RAG to support new TeenStreets.

RAG race

One day at TeenStreet is dedicated to RAG, when our annual RAG race takes place. Find sponsors that will sponsor you with a one time‑gift or per lap as you run for this year’s RAG project. Each lap is around 1 km (1000 m). You can register your sponsors online beforehand. Your Home Office will give you more information! You are welcome to run the race without being sponsored.

How much money can you raise this year?