As you know, there are many creative ways to get involved with RAG. TeenStreet writer, Kris, grabbed a moment to chat with LJ from the Art Zone about his entrepreneurial effort, Fresh It Up, to raise money for this year’s project in Ukraine.
KJ – Let’s start with an easy question. How many times have you been to TeenStreet (TS)?
LJ – This is my third time, I’m part of the Service Crew in the Art Zone.
KJ – So what do you do when you’re not at TS?
LJ – I have just graduated from Illustration at university in Rotterdam. So, at the moment, I am picking up freelance work as an illustrator.
KJ - What are you doing this year for RAG?
LJ – Teens can bring shoes, phone cases, rags—anything that can be drawn on—and I will do personalised customisations.
KJ – Does it cost?
LJ – Yes, customisations start at 5€ for a small item and up to 15€ for bigger item. Oh, and I sell customised bags too!
KJ – Nice. What happens with the money?
LJ – All the profits go to this year’s RAG project.
KJ – What was it that inspired you to do customisations?
LJ – We’ve never done anything like this before at TS, and when I saw it at a festival, I realised it was something I could do. Doing this really bridges the gap between what happens in the Art Zone with the rest of TS.  Plus, it’s been a really great way to connect with the RAG projects.
KJ - This year you have expanded? Where can people find you?
LJ – (laughs) Yeah, last year I only had a paper plate as my sign.  This year, I have a mobile unit that I’ve designed and painted, so I can move around but still get spotted.  Anywhere in the Interact Zone, during Sessions 1 & 2.
KJ - Do you think it is important for everyone to get involved in RAG?
LJ – It’s good to create awareness for things that you don’t see often. There are a lot of people in our world with needs. Yes, teens at home have their own personal needs; we also have been blessed with a lot of things. It’s our responsibility to be involved in providing for those that are needier.
KJ – Finally, in response to this morning’s first OPEN session, can you tell us of a time that God revealed Himself to you?
LJ –I was brought up in a Christian family, so I was brought up in a culture of going to church, reading my Bible, etc, but when I was around 16 or 17, He spoke to me.  This was a pivotal point in my life, where I realised he was a Living God. I could have a relationship with Him. I could speak to Him, and He could speak to me. That stands out as the most precious time God has revealed Himself in my life.