Royal Rockstars rock TeenStreet

Royal Foundlings are a Christian rock band from Glasgow, UK with one goal: to reach as many people as possible with the good news of Jesus through their loud, energetic music.
Lead singer and guitarist Dave Brackenridge explains: “We believe God changed our lives, and so we want to tell as many people as we can that He can change theirs.”
Founded in 2010 and formed as an answer to prayer, the band has thrived under God's guidance.
“We were moving into a new year, and I just asked God what He wanted me to do over the next year,” said Dave. “God was guiding me to minister to young people. It was just a very clear voice, and there was lots of confirmation—the finance to do it and relationships—God was pointing us in the right direction.”
The band has seen God at work through the provision of new band members, each hearing and responding to God's call to get involved in music-related ministry. Jen Hume, guitarist and vocalist, recently married to the band's tour manager James, explains how God called the couple to give up their secure, well paying jobs to join the band:
“We felt God was calling us into something related to music, but we didn't know what is was. We talked a lot about it and prayed a lot about it. James was set for us to give up our jobs in January, but I was unsure because we didn't know what it was for. But then, just a month before that, James had seen an advert about a new guitarist and, very quickly, we just decided that was what we were going to do, and we gave up our jobs and started in January. We are sure that is what God wants us to do.”
Drummer Douglas Rees is also part of the band, thanks to God revealing His plan to him.
“Two years ago, I started studying music and, ever since then, I prayed to God for more opportunities to use my gifts for Him,” he said. “One day, on Facebook, Dave was looking for a drummer—and I've helped out since February—God has revealed many opportunities for me to expand my faith. He has revealed so many blessings.”
For the last two years, the Foundlings have been ambassadors for Operation Mobilisation (OM), the organisation behind TeenStreet, promoting OM literature where they play and allowing OM representatives to share a little about their work. This came about in the space of a week, where three different people all asked Dave the same thing: if he would work for OM.
In the space of a few years, they have toured America twice and are currently touring Europe, dropping in on TeenStreet for a few days before dashing off to Creation Fest in Cornwall, then another music festival in Denmark shortly after that. They played TeenStreet on Sunday to an enthusiastic, cheering, head-banging crowd, and their full-on performance proved they do not rock out half-heartedly.
The band will release their fourth album on 23 August. It is full of “energy and melodies,” remarked Dave. “It has got mainly rock, some rocked up hymns, and it has got a couple of acoustic tracks recorded live. It is to be played loud.”
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