26°C and the blazing sunshine—perfect conditions for a couple laps of TeenStreet’s (TS) one kilometre RAG Race, right? Yesterday marked TS’s biggest opportunity to raise money for this year’s RAG (Raise and Give) Project, the RAG Race.  
This year, over 800 participants got involved, running over 9000 laps, which amounts to a total distance of almost 5600 miles. Raising funds for OM’s Heritage Project in Ukraine, everyone attending TS is invited to get involved, from teens to staff.  Not everyone joined the race but were still able to soak up the community vibe around the route, cheering on and supporting fellow teens.
In 2013, RAG raised over 60,000€ throughout the entirety of TS. This year, thanks to the generosity of all the teens at TS, the RAG Race alone has raised more than 56,000€, which, together with all other areas of support, will exceed last year’s total and more.
At TS, RAG is one of the ways that teens can learn to reflect God’s generosity and share the blessings that He has given us. RAG Coordinator, Claire, highlights, teens aren’t “giving for giving’s sake but because it brings us joy and gives thanks to God.” Therefore, participants are encouraged to obtain sponsors before arriving at the conference. One individual even raised over 2500€!
One teen, Rebecca (UK), was TS’s fourth highest fundraiser, running 20 laps and raising over 600€ in the three days leading up to the race.
She comments, “Supporting Ukraine was my biggest motivation for joining the RAG race. Knowing that each lap was raising 30-40€ for OM’s Heritage Project helped me to keep going forward. I feel blessed that I’m able to give to Ukraine.”
Whilst the RAG race is TS’ biggest opportunity to raise funds for Ukraine, it is not the only one. There are many other opportunities to get involved, at TeenStreet or at home. If you are interested in supporting this year’s RAG project in Ukraine, visit
www.om.org/give, and find out how you can give via your National OM Office.