A taste of the kingdom (Part 2)

Hannah Rueber

Claudia (Portugal) has been to TeenStreet five times. This year, she finally convinced her two brothers to join. This is Part 2 of the story. Read Part 1 here.

As it always seems to do, the overall TeenStreet (TS) experience (so far) has left a marvelous impression on Claudia, the Portuguese translator, and her brothers, Filipe and Tiago, here for the first time this year.

“One thing that is truly amazing is that [TS] is such a melting pot of cultures,” Filipe explained. “You get to experience a lot of different realities compressed together in this relatively small space. It’s pretty interesting to come into contact with so many different life stories and cultural realities. The fact that everyone is working towards one core goal as the Service Team, all intertwined to accomplish that goal together, is one of my favorite things about TS so far.”

“There’s lots of nations and languages,” Tiago said. “It’s fantastic to get to know stuff about countries that we’ve heard/seen through television. Now we’re like, ‘How’s the weather in Sweden?’ because we’re meeting people from those countries.”

“What I love about TS is that we come here to serve with a single/core purpose,” Claudia shared. “This is a taste of the kingdom. This is a little bit of what Heaven will be like, lots of different people with different backstories, working, praising God and learning together. That’s what TS is: a bunch of people doing meaningful work, supporting each other for the kingdom.”

While Claudia has served as a translator for five years, it looks like she might be gaining a family partner in her work for the kingdom.

“I did the translation for the Portuguese during the boys’ session this year,” Filipe said. “As a Service Team member, you get to choose your first and second options. My second option was already translation. I think if there is a second [TS] time for me, it would be as a translator. That seems like the thing that I would be able to do a good job at, be enjoyable and be useful. These past few years, it’s just been my sister as Portuguese translator. To be able to alleviate some of that pressure [from her] is good.”

“This is the first year that I’ve had a second person helping me,” Claudia confirmed. “It’s been something that I’ve been praying about. Doing the job by yourself is difficult because it takes a lot out of you. It’s good to get a team. I know [Filipe’s] work, and I know the men’s session went well. If he wants to join next year, I think that would be great.”

TS is a not only a week of inspiring encouragement for Claudia and her brothers. It’s a springboard for their next steps. “This is where I recharge for my year,” Claudia concluded. “[Like a colleague phrased it], I don’t have New Year’s resolutions. I have TS resolutions. This is how I measure my year. There is a lot of heart here. If you [remember] that this is a taste of the kingdom, you can take that with you and act it out yourself [at home].”

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