Teen Talk: The best letter, ever

Maybe it is a love letter, maybe a message from a long-gone friend; maybe it’s a note of encouragement, just a few words on a piece of paper, just an electronic signal, but these words could mean the world to some of us. We have been around TeenStreet (TS) and asked the teens about the best letter they have ever received in their lives.
“A few years ago, my parents worked as missionaries in Turkey. Now, I’m living in Holland again, and I received an email from my old friends. That really touched me.”
- Talita, 13, Netherlands
“In my class at school, all of us received a love letter from God. There were a couple of verses in it that showed me God’s love in a very emotional way.”
- Martha, 16, Norway
“I got a message in the Main Hall at TS. It said I would never walk alone. That means that God will never leave me alone, no matter where my friends are, no matter where my family is, no matter if I’m even abandoned. It means I can pray to God anytime.”
- Tim, 13, Germany
“My Grandma had to move to a nursing home. Her brain isn’t the best anymore, and she forgot everybody in my family. But when it was my birthday, I received a birthday card from her. So she didn’t forget about that.”
- Jedidja, 15, Netherlands
“A good friend of mine had to change schools. In the beginning of summer holiday, she wrote to me, saying she would never forget me.”
- Konstantin, 13, Germany
“Once, I had to go on stage and perform. I was very nervous. After my performance, I received a message from a girl via snapchat. She said that she really liked it, and she gave me a verse, that we could do anything through Christ.”
- Martin, 17, Faroe Islands
“This year, I did my school exams. My friends went to see our grades. I went to the beach. My friend texted me the grades: ‘You've passed, you've passed. You have the top grades.’”
- Pedro, 17, Portugal
“One of the ladies from church sent me a letter to encourage me to stay strong in the Lord.”
- Chloe, 13, Ireland
“When I was sick, I got a text that it will be all right, and it was very encouraging, that everything is possible in Christ. It was a real eye opener for me.”
- Anna, 17, Sweden