TeenStreet Day 6 Recap: Blessed

A recurring theme throughout the week at TeenStreet (TS) has been how God has blessed us all. As the final main hall meeting concluded the teaching programme, the focus was on how we can be a blessing to others because we have been blessed by God.
As Debs put it, “We are blessed, so we can bless.”
Josh sought to show that blessing others is to be viewed from God's perspective, not our own. This is important in order to try and understand God but also to effectively give Godly blessings to everyone around us.
To be blessed by God is not just to have our earthly needs satisfied, as Josh explained:
“God's blessing is far bigger than our understanding of blessing,” he said. “He wants to bless you now, but more importantly, He wants to bless you forever, eternity that never ends. And can you say to your Dad in heaven 'You know better than I do. I don't understand what's going on right now, but I know that you have blessing for me’? We want to bring to this world blessing that never ends.”
Marshall added: “We've been reminded this week that God not only wants to bless us but also bless people through us.” We are to be distinctive. We are to “bring colour into the world where things were previously dull.”
This was illustrated by a game in which three teens had to cover the other participants with powered paint.
So what does living as a blessing to others really mean in everyday life? Debs encouraged the teens to behave as described in Zechariah 7:9: “Administer true justice; show mercy and compassion to one another. ”
Josh added, “We are the physical representation of our Dad [God] here on Earth.”
Debs encouraged the teens that serving people and loving people “is the greatest blessing of your life... It's about you living the life you are created to live.” It is God's will to use us to bring His blessing to the world.