Since 2012, TeenStreet (TS) has had its very own orchestra. The brainchild of Johannes Chang, a doctor from Germany, the idea developed after he spoke to his friend Tobias, who worked for Operation Mobilisation, the organisation behind TS.
When Tobias mentioned TS, an idea came to Johannes' mind. Since there are 4000 people in one place, why not set up an orchestra? Amongst everyone at TS, there surely must be enough people who can and want to play in an orchestra. Johannes was proven right, and the TeenStreet Orchestra (TSO) was formed.
The orchestra has grown in popularity since its foundation, and, this year, for the first time, a TS choir has joined the TSO in their performances.
The orchestra is open to everyone at TS—teen, service team or coach, old or young, experienced or not so experienced. Over 60 people from all across Europe come to TS with their instruments, ready to play. The members all get the music in advance, allowing them to practice individually before TS starts, but the orchestra has just four days to practice together.
The preparation culminates in a final performance in aid of RAG (Raise And Give) for everyone at TS to enjoy. This year, the TSO treated the audience to music from The Phantom of The Opera and a joint choral and orchestral rendition of Matt Redman's “10,000 Reasons,” with a little help from The Outbreakband.
Before the performance, Ewout van Oosten, programme coordinator at TS, remarked that the orchestra is “a form of art; it is beauty, and everything that is beautiful comes from God.”
The TSO performed to a room filled to capacity. Afterwards, Dominique van Werkhoven, head of Seminars and Workshops at TS, reminded everyone that worshipping God is something we can look forward to in heaven, meaning that the TSO's performance was a taste of what heaven will be like. She commented that “amazing” was the only word she could use to describe the performance, and if the standing ovation was anything to go by, she was not the only person to think so.