TeenTalk - OPEN to God’s Word

This year at TeenStreet (TS), teens have been hearing about how God pursues each and every one of us and how He delights in us spending time with Him. As they prepared to go home, we asked teens to share a time when God revealed Himself during the week.
“I felt God has called me this week. I have learnt that I can ask Him things about my life, and I now feel reassured He has a plan for my life.”
- Marita, Faroe Islands, 17
“When I prayed to God, He answered through pictures.”
- Carolin, Germany
“Another person came up to me and spoke into a situation I had prayed about this week. They spoke exactly the right words.”
- Thomas, 16, Netherlands
“I loved being part of the OPEN sessions and Net groups. It was a great opportunity to speak to others about the things we are hearing. In the Throne Room, God gave me names to pray for.”
- Lucas, Germany, 13
“God gave me a picture of a boy, here at TS.  I have since seen him around the site, but I’m too shy to speak to him…but Jesus has told me to pray for him. So every time I see him in worship, I pray.”
- Annalisa, Germany, 14
“Before I came to TS, I had some fears about some things. I prayed about it, and God has taken them away. Now, I am happy.”
- Nadja, Switzerland, 14
“I’ve felt so confused this week about certain things. But after SHH time and being in the Throne Room, God has given me the knowledge to understand.”
- Sara, Sweden, 17
“Before I came to TS, I was in a bad place. But this week, I’ve been so in touch with Christ, and I’m growing in my relationship with Christ.”
- Jamie, Ireland, 16
“I’ve been hearing a lot from God this week, and I’ve been getting better in my relationship with God. I’ve loved the fellowship with the guys.”
- Matthew, Ireland, 17
“During the worship, God made me breathless – and I couldn’t sing or even speak. I felt God was saying to me to listen. God put so many things on my heart.”
- Benjamin, Ireland, 16