On behalf of the web writers, we want to thank you for walking alongside us throughout TeenStreet 2014, “OPEN.”  We all feel especially privileged to have journeyed alongside each teen as Josh, Debs and the programme team revealed God’s Word in Revelations. We have been blessed to witness God’s transformation in every teen’s life as they have discovered how to listen and respond to God’s voice through NET times and seminars. For all those reading and praying with us at home, we are confident you experienced this too.
It is our prayer, that each teen will go home and continue to seek God’s voice, to spend time with Him and reflect His character in their life at home.
“Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” - Revelation 3:22
This year, teens have been able to share their own experiences and testimonies through social platforms on our tagboard. We would love for each teen to keep this up as they return home, sharing experiences and revelations of God’s voice. Let’s get #ts14OPEN trending!
While it’s goodbye from the writers here at Münster, continue to keep an eye on the website over the coming weeks with new stories being published on a regular basis.  In fact, if you would like to share your own story, testimony or experience of how God has revealed Himself to you – email them to
facebook@teenstreet.de – we would love to hear them!