Together we can make a difference

Helen Winzell

Is it possible to make a difference in somebody’s life just by giving a small amount of money? The people working with RAG (Raise and Give) say it is. But the key is to do it together.

“10 Euros will not make much of a difference, but 10 Euros from everyone here at TeenStreet will make a lot of difference,” says Fiona, one of the people in charge of RAG. She goes on: “It doesn’t matter whether you raise 10 Euros or 1,000 Euros. It’s all about working together.”

So what can you do to make a difference? One way is to simply bring money to give in the boxes at the RAG stand. Another is to perform in the talent show. A common way to give is to get sponsors and run as many laps as you can during the RAG race.

But even those who haven’t registered to run can contribute by encouraging the runners. “Some of the teens are running with their friend, encouraging them to keep running. They might run the first two laps with them, and then the next person will run the next two and keep them going,” Fiona says.

This year the sports team are offering an alternative to running: circuits. Groups of ten people will do circuits of exercises like jumping jacks, burpees, squats and push ups. Each round takes 15 minutes, and the goal is to do as many rounds as possible.

It is crucial to help the teens see that the money can be used to change lives. Therefore, the top three fund raisers will be offered a place on the trip to Greece next year to see the impact of the project (Hope for Refugees) with their own eyes. Previous top fundraisers have often been so amazed by that experience that they set their minds to raise more money, Fiona says.

“Together we can make a difference that has an impact on other teens,” she sums it up.

To learn more about this year’s RAG project, read an overview of Hope for Refugees.