From Turkey to TeenStreet

In 2013, a milestone was reached, and for the very first time Turkish teens were given the opportunity to attend TeenStreet (TS) in Offenburg.
Years before joining OM Turkey, it was a dream of Markus*, Turkey Home Office Rep, to bring a group of teens to TeenStreet.  “It was important to show them that they were part of an international body of Christ. Yes, they already receive great teaching and fellowship at home, but to enter the Main Hall and Throne Room, to be amongst a few thousand young people worshipping God – that was quite a big thing.”
Surprisingly, the teens didn’t experience as much culture shock as some might anticipate and quickly adjusted to the unique international set up that TS offers.  “The adults, on the other hand, they found it much more challenging to adapt, laughs Markus. “For 2014 we undertook extra training to help them adapt!”
For TS 2014, there were 12 teens that have made their way to Münster, altogether representing seven churches across Turkey – a 50% increase on 2013! However, for a Turkish teenager, attending TeenStreet is not cheap. The cost of one person’s attendance amounts to approximately a month and a half of an average Turkish working wage!
“Being able to bring teens to TeenStreet? It’s an absolute privilege. It’s a blessing to do what we are doing, to open God’s Word together, each nation in unity. To all be here together in Münster, to all have the same vision – I am filled with gratitude.”
“My hope for everyone is to learn how big God is and how involved he wants to be in our life. He is the almighty creator of heaven and earth – he knows everything about us! It’s important to know how God looks at us and he looks positively at our lives.”
We would love to see another increase of Turkish teens at TeenStreet this year in Offenburg. Pray that more would find the opportunity to hear about it and even more would find the resources to attend.

*Name changed