Unusual jobs at TeenStreet – Part 1

The technical support team at TeenStreet (TS) has a huge undertaking. They are responsible for almost everything on the TS site which needs to be constructed, from the perimeter fences and outdoor sinks to the large screens for the main meeting. If something breaks on the TS site, it is likely they will fix it. The technical support team make the site safe and maintain it throughout the week. No two days are the same, as George Ruinelli, from Switzerland explains.
George helped hoist the central screen into position for the main meetings, an enormous task. According to OMNIvision (the team responsible for video production at TS), the screen is made up of 4,147,200 pixels, and the cables used for setting up the video stretch for over 1.6km. But the Main Hall only makes up a small proportion of what George and the technical team do at TS.
Having served for four years on the technical support team, George sums up his role as “A lot of improvising, plenty of running around, fixing and installing stuff.” His job has plenty of variety, and as an electronic engineer outside of TS, he has plenty of skills which are useful in TS’s technical support. 
Having such a varied job will inevitably lead to enjoyable and not so enjoyable parts. George likes being able to use all the different machines and tools which are required for his job. However, not so enjoyable is the unpleasant task of dismantling all the outside sinks after TS has finished, as they can get dirty and clogged up during the week.
Nevertheless, George is still motivated to come to TS and use his gifts to serve God and others.
“It is fun, and I want to serve God,” he said. “It is great how God can use an event like this to reach the teens and change lives.”
Stay tuned for another unusual job soon!