Welcome to TeenStreet 2014 “OPEN”!

We are so excited that you are all finally here and we get to experience everything that God had for us all together.
This year, as we wrote the Bible studies for your group times and the programme messages, we have been filled with expectation more than any of the years before. (And that's really saying something, because every year God does incredible things at TS!)
So many wonderful things are OPEN for us to receive from heaven! PEACE where we are anxious or worried, JOY where we are sad or disappointed, FREEDOM where we are burdened or held back, VICTORY where we are discouraged or hopeless, HOPE where we feel there's no way out and HEALING where we are sick or low. Our Father has so much good to lavish on His kids!
He has been pursuing you all the days of your life, and He loves to reveal Himself to you, so as you begin this week, choose to be OPEN to everything that is available to you, to engage with God and be OPEN to get to know your group and your leader, who will support and walk alongside you.
We'd really encourage you to take advantage of time with the prayer team and to enjoy the workshops and seminars, the sports, the art areas, outreach times that will bless the city and everything that's been prepared for you here at TS.
Our favourite part of the week is always meeting new people, praying for you and with you and experiencing God’s kingdom invading Earth together.
We know the Holy Spirit is going to work in beautiful ways here, and we look forward to hearing amazing stories from you.
Huge love!
Josh and Debs